Im Interview mit Ben Tuck (Englisch)

NRingInfo: „Your last season was pretty successful and you managed to become second just one point behind the leader in the GT4-Class in the British GT-Championship. How was this season overall?“

Ben Tuck: „It was my first full season in GT racing, I had done two GT races the year before in 2017 but they were one-off rounds, so it was good to get a full year of experience. We came so close to winning the championship which was amazing, working with BMW and Century Motorsport was brilliant, it took us a few rounds to perfect the set up on the car but in the second half of the year we really had the car dialled in nicely. At Snetterton getting the first European win for the BMW M4 GT4 for a customer racing team was an awesome feeling.“


NRingInfo: „After this season, you've been named 'Top British GT4 Driver'. How does it feel to have such an title?“

Ben Tuck: „I’m very grateful to have been named top GT4 driver by Autosport and Motorsport News. Missing out on the championship by 1 point was difficult but being named as the best GT4 driver makes up for it!“


NRingInfo: „Some weeks ago you were in Munich for the Junior Shootout of BMW. Tell us something about how you experienced it?“


Ben Tuck: „Being in Munich with BMW Motorsport was an amazing experience, I’m very thankful to BMW Motorsport for giving me the opportunity. The mental and fitness tests were very difficult but the factory tours and interviews were a great experience. Meeting Philipp Eng was a special experience for me.“

NRingInfo: „At the end you made it into the top 4. Are you pleased with the result and what have you learned there?“

Ben Tuck: „I'm very proud that I was chosen as one of the Top 4 finalists from the 16 potential candidates. Unfortunately I did not win the simulator shootout for the top 4 finalists and therefore did not get to become a BMW Junior Driver, but it has made me more determined to get back on track this year and prove myself to BMW and other manufacturers that I am good enough to be a factory driver one day. BMW gave me some great advise on how to move forwards in the future and that’s why I can’t wait to get started in the M240i at Nordschleife.“


NRingInfo: „Coming to your future experience on the Nürburgring: How happy were you when you got the opportunity to race in the VLN? And how are you preparing for it?“

Ben Tuck: „I'm very happy to be competing in the first 3 rounds of VLN with Purple Dot Performance and Walkenhorst Motorsport. Nürburgring Nordschleife is a track I’ve always wanted to race at and I can’t believe I will be able to race there soon!“


NRingInfo: „You never raced on the Nordschleife did you? So how do you make sure to perform well? And what is your personal opinion about this special track?“


Ben Tuck: „The track looks very intimidating and fast with little run off, so I’m definitely going to give it the respect it deserves in the first few laps! Unfortunately I do not have a simulator at home so I’ve been watching lots of YouTube videos to help me prepare! It’s a very special track, I can’t wait.“

NRingInfo: „You are driving in the 24-hour qualification race as well. So are there plans to compete in the 24 hour race this year? Or does it depend on your results in the races before?“

Ben Tuck: „I will be competing in the 6 hour qualification race and I definitely plan to race in the Nürburgring 24h also. We are currently in discussions about if I will race at the 24h, so let’s see how well the first few VLN rounds go first. The Nürburgring 24h is one of races that I would like to tick off my bucket list so I hope I do get to race there.“


NRingInfo: „The M240i Cup is a good class for junior pilots like you. But I guess you want to make some more steps in the future right? So tell us how is your plan for your future?“

Ben Tuck: „The M240i class looks like lots of fun to compete in, there are some seriously quick drivers in there that know the track better than I do so it’s going to be tough! But you’re right, ideally I want to keep progressing and get back into GT4 and even GT3. That’s why racing with Purple Dot and Walkenhorst is perfect as they have the M4 GT4 and Walkenhorst also run the M6 GT3’s. I’m hoping I will get to drive an M6 at some point!“


NRingInfo: „How have you started your racing carreer and what was the most special moment in the past?“

Ben Tuck: „I started racing in a Mazda MX-5 mk1 championship when I was 17 for one and a half years. I then raced in the Caterham Supersport championship for one and a half years stopping in mid 2017 to some GT races before British GT in 2018. I have had many special moments, starting last and finishing 2nd at Spa Francorchamps in Caterhams, winning both the 5 hour races at Spa in the 24h Prototype series in a Ginetta G57, the win this year at Snetterton after exiting the pit stop in 11th place and come through the pack to win the race, but I would say the most special moment was my fight back to 2nd place at brands hatch this year in British GT. Even though I finished 2nd and did not win, it still felt like a win as I had to battle back from about 7th place with the field very spread out, that was probably the hardest I have ever driven as it was also an extremely hot day.“


NRingInfo: „What are you doing in your freetime if there is no racing?“


Ben Tuck: „I don’t have much free time to be honest! When I am not racing I am studying at university in Bournemouth, and then also working as a race instructor and coach. When I do get some spare free time I like to spend it with my family and friends as I do not get to see them much.“


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